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April 2023, Kates-Boylston - Technology Think Tank

Handling Fetal Remains in the Wake of Dobbs

March 2023, WilbertEDU, with Lauren Pettine


July 2022, FCCFA Convention


June 2022, Florida Mortuaries Association Convention


Ongoing, CANA Crematory Operator Certification Program


September 2021, Kates-Boylston - Technology Think Tank

Annual Convention Speaker

July 2021, FCCFA Convention


December 2020, Kates-Boylston - Cremation Strategies Conference


December 2020, Kates-Boylston - Funeral Service Business Plan Conference

July 2020, Funeral Service Insider

The Great Debate: Trust v. Insurance

February 2020, CANA Preneed Summit

Preneed Funding: Insurance Versus Trust - The Great Debate

December 2019, Kates-Boylston Funeral Service Business Plan Conference


July 2019, FCCFA Convention

Cremation IS Irreversible: A Case of Cremation Gone Wrong

December 2018, American Cemetery & Cremations Cremation Strategies Conference

The Biggest Mistake You Don't Even Know You're Making

November 2018, Funeral Services, Inc.

What Regulatory Compliance Means to Your Business

Summer 2018, FCCFA Annual Convention

Regulatory and Legislative Update

Summer 2017, FCCFA Annual Convention

Unitrust: Advancing Endowment Care Financial Strategies

April 2017, ICCFA Annual Convention

Unitrusts: Advanced Perpetual Care Financial Strategies

January 2017, Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California

Legislative Update

Summer 2016, FCCFA Annual Convention

Preneed Unplugged

September 2015, Selected Independent Funeral Homes Convention

Death Care Jeopardy

Summer 2015, FCCFA Annual Convention

Protecting Your Business

Summer 2014, FCCFA Annual Convention

Events and Speaking Engagements


June 2023, FSI Q2 eNewsletter 2023, Hank Thompson

March 2023, FSI Q1 eNewsletter 2023, Lauren Pettine

October 2022, Memento Mori

August 2021, American Funeral Director

August 2021, American Funeral Director

The Great Debate: Trust vs. Insurance

November 2020, Memento Mori

October 2020, FSI Regulatory Update, Lauren Pettine

The Application of Unclaimed Property Laws to Pre-Need Trusts

A New Alternative

July 2020, Memento Mori

COVID-19 Guidance for Deathcare Professionals

April 2020, FCCFA Website

Doing It Her Way

Profile of Wendy Wiener, By Patti Martin Bartsche

April 2020, American Funeral Director

Acquiring & Consolidating Death-Care Firms?

Don't Overlook the Importance of Trust Reconciliation

April 2020, American Funeral Director

Mismatched Laws: How Unclaimed Property Laws Impact Funds in Your Preneed Trust

July 2019, The Director

'Online' Equals Efficiency & More Successful Pre-Need Sales

November 2019, ICCFA Magazine

Strategic M&A: How to Ensure that Your Next Merger or Acquisition is Successful

November 2019, American Funeral Director

Shipping Cremated Remains - What's New?

October 2019, FSI Quarterly E-Newsletter

How Unclaimed Property Laws Impact Funds in Your Preneed Trust

July 2019, The Director

A Will is NOT a Written Vivos Authoriation!

June 2019, FSI Quarterly E-Newsletter

A Promising New Era for Perpetual Care & Maintenance Trusts:

Introducing, The Unitrust Distribution Method

March 2019, Catholic Cemetery Magazine

How "Online" Equals Compliance

March 2019, FSI Quarterly E-Newsletter

How to Correctly Prepare an Irrevocable Preneed Contract

January 2019, FSI Quarterly E-Newsletter

Common Regulatory Problems with Preneed Contracts

June 2018, FSI Quarterly E-Newsletter

Guaranteed Price vs. Nonguaranteed Price Preneed Contracts

April 2018, FSI Quarterly E-Newsletter

Four Questions to Ask About Your Deathcare Sales Program

April 2018, American Funeral Director

How Do I Know This is My Loved One?

February 2018, Cremation Association of North America blog

How to Enable Your Cemetery to Use the Unitrust Method

August 2017, ICCFA Magazine

I've Been Notified of a Regulatory Audit ... What's Next

August 2017, The Director

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: 

Little Known Regulations That Can Get You Into Trouble With The Law

August 2017, The Director

Partnering for a Better Trust Solution

February 2017, American Funeral Director

The How-To Guide for Selling Insurance Funded Preneed Contracts

Summer 2016, The FCCFA Chronicle

Funeral Services, Inc. Quarterly Newsletter - Regular Contributor

2015 to Present, FSI Quarterly Newsletter

The FCCFA Chronicle - Regular Contributor

2014 to Present, The FCCFA Chronicle

Funeral Related Insurance Sales in Florida:

Three Regulatory Schemes + Three Regulators = Industry Confusion

October 2012, Federation of Regulatory Counsel Journal

What Was He Thinking and When Did He Think It

June 2009, Federation of Regulatory Counsel Journal

Life Insurance and the Erosion of the Insurable Interest Requirement

April 2006, Federation of Regulatory Counsel Journal

Irreconcilable Differences

December 2003, Federation of Regulatory Counsel Journal

Administrative Investigations and the Potential Loss of the Attorney- Client Privilege

June 1999, Federation of Regulatory Counsel Journal

Florida Property and Casualty Joint Underwriting Association:

The Next Chapter

October 1994, Florida Underwriter

Florida's Proposed Financial Institutions Rule:

Protection for Insurance Consumers or Independent Agents

December 1993, Federation of Independent Counsel Newsletter

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